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Arts Active Network 2017 Evaluation

Five schools worked with Warwick Arts Centre and a number of Creative Practitioners in the theatre, visual and other performing Arts over a period of two years.

Practitioners visited schools regularly to develop the Arts in children. Pupils were involved in writing poetry, performing drama, dance and the creation of visual arts exhibits such as ‘light-boxes’ and wooden images cut with lasers.

At the end of the two-year period, and almost entirely managed by children, a Festival of Arts was created in July 2017. A Festival Management Group of children from each of the five schools took charge of the organisation, although the Warwick Arts Centre facilitated much, in terms of the logistics.

This reports considers:

  • The project
  • Working with creative practitioners
  • Previous involvement of the schools in the Arts
  • The Festival Management Group
  • The Children’s learning
  • The development of teachers
  • The Future
  • The top five things for a successful Arts project


Click here to access the full report on Warwick Arts Centre's website.