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Arts Active Network

The Arts Active Network is a connective alliance of South Leamington schools, Warwick Arts Centre and artists, which aims to plan and mount the first South Leamington Schools Arts Festival.

Between September 2017 and July 2020, more schools will join the Network to develop the Festival, embedding it as a sustainable, community cultural event for all of CV31.

The project includes:

  • Teacher support; providing insight into Children’s Festival practice through investigating Leicester’s Spark Festival and meeting experienced professionals.
  • See, Make, Share activities with teachers and children.
  • Artists will work actively with teachers to share skills and build confidence in working creatively with the arts.
  • Teachers will also train with Warwick Arts Centre staff in a range of areas including marketing, fundraising, festival management and programming.
  • A pilot Festival, including work from participating schools is planned for 2016/17.

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